Reliance jewels

We have provide our services to reliance jewels .We have installed a Public Address System  and light music system  in the showroom which is spread around of 3000 sq ft of area.  We have used a channel music system to cover the whole showroom. This system is used for announcements and playing music in background which create a nice ambiance for customers while having immersive shopping. We have installed Sonodyne ceiling speakers and veiling woofers which are powered by two Australian Monitor Series  ES250 Monitor and a mixer amplifier. We try our best to give the service you want. You can have a look around our exquisite services at the address

Reliance Trends

We all are familiar with the name of reliance trends. We have provided one of our services there and have received great reviews for the same for Reliance Group .We have installed a music system in reliance trends which is used for making announcements and playing light music to create a nice ambiance . We have installed this facility of ours in around 12000sqft. We have used sonodyne ceiling speakers  and ceiling woofers with the 4 Australian Monitor ES500 amplifiers of bosh and mixer. We have been providing these services for a long time now and have a rich experience in it. We can assure you to provide the best and satisfying services under budget prescribed by you


We have provide our services to renowned medical brand Abbott warehouse in Dakachiya Indore where we have installed a Public Address System around an area of 90,000 sqft. We have used a Bosch horn speaker, and Bosch Power amplifiers and mixer which will wholly cover this area. We here have distributed the whole area in certain zones (i) zone A , (ii) zone B, (iii) zone C. zone A include announcements relate to internal office .Zone B include announcement system for part of warehouse where products are stored. and zone C covers the announcement of area outside the warehouse have installed bosh speakers ,amplifiers ,to control this system we have installed a bosh all in one mixer. The announcement system using ___ mic for announcement. With our several years of experience we try to provide best services and solutions to your problems. we also he gotten one of our best reviews from this project.


Naykaa one of the well renowned company which  sells beauty, wellness and fashion products across websites, mobile apps and 100+ offline stores. They also have their out-let Indore where we got a chance to show our services. We have installed a public announcement system and light music system for announcements and playing background music in an area of 3000 sq ft. We have installed the jbl libra 250 amplifier and music system of Jbl. We always try our best to provide our best services and this project is one example of our hard work

Vedic Vishwavidyalaya

Vedic Vishwavidyalaya is another one of our project in which we used PA systems ,smart boards, projectors etc  here in vedic vishwavidyalaya we have provided them with quotation with products and approximate budget  and after there approval we provided our services there which include product selling and installation we have done our best to provide  satisfactory service .We  have created auditorium here with pa system and music system for creating a nice atmosphere for students who perform there.we have also installed smart boards and projector there which helps students in there studies

Indore International College

Indore International college is one of our projects where we have installed a PA system and have worked on an auditorium .We have used PA systems of jbl powered by 6 speakers and an amplifier . We try our best to provide our best services so that we can give our customers what they want.


Lakshmi Narain College of Technology Indore and Bhopal(LNCT) is one of renowned collage where we got a chance to showcase our services .We installed  PA system, smart boards, projectors there we worked in auditorium there where we installed  PA system ,electronically controlled curtains ,music system, sound proof  sheets  etc. and try to make it like a theater we students can perform. We have installed a bosch music system and amplifier there.