HikVision Turbo HD – 1080p Video Security Over Coax Cabling

HikVision Turbo HD – 1080p Video Security Over Coax Cabling

Thanks to the availability of high end IP spectrum cameras, you now have an option to cover superb details where you have put them for security purposes. CCTV camera for home security have always been the first choice for most of home owners in Indore and this calls for a camera equipment that provides great opportunities with 1080p Video over existing coax cabling. When you run a high definition feed over a normal cable, you won’t be able to get all the details and it will also distort the image to a lot of extent. Always remember the fact in mind that is you are using a high end CCTV camera for office security like HikVision Turbo HD, you need to use the high quality HDMI cables. The new age cameras may have 4 times the quality and the resolution of old analogue cameras and they need to be installed in a right way.

HikVision Turbo HD cameras give you outstanding video quality and you need coax cabling with each camera along with PTZ control and two-way audio. If you have an analogue CCTV camera for home security, then it might be a good idea to get it replaced with new HD options, as they are quite easy to install and take hardly 45 minutes per camera for the installation. If you have a 12 volt backup setup for the cameras, then you can also have an access to them using an application through the iPhone, and Andriod, offering high definition from any device.

HikVision Turbo HD may require you to run on a high speed Wi-Fi to save yourself from the delay in reception. If you are running on a wireless setup, then it becomes essential to have a battery backup as however in a real-time environment, a delay of 2-3 seconds is critical. Over Coax Cabling prevent all the lag issues and they retain the image and video quality throughout the reception at 2MP IP cameras at 1080p Video.

For CCTV camera for office security, IP camera is always the best choice. They don’t have much of lagging issues over live feeds and they also come with integration options. The quality of the video is always high and even if you are going to zoom in the video to see a particular area, the image won’t be distorted. If you still are running analogue camera, then strongly consider replacing them with the new HikVision Turbo HD over Coax technology. If you are looking for low cost of replacement, then you can opt for Apex CCTV Turbo HD system.

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