How to Choose a Projector – Guide

How to Choose a Projector – Guide

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There are so many projector choices available in the market to choose from and you might get confused while selected the best one for you. Earlier, projectors were not that much popular and very few number of people used them, mainly for business applications. Now the trends have changed and people get the projectors to watch movies at the home and educational institutes get them to teach the students with lot more details. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the right projector.

Projectors are usually compared using four main factors:

  1. Brightness
  2. Resolution
  3. Aspect Ratio
  4. Weight

You have to keep in mind these following points before you step out in the market to get one of your choices.

1.Projector Brightness

Brightness of the projector indicates how well it is going to project the image and the picture onto the wall or the partition that you have used for the projection. You also have brightens settings to choose from that can be control but remember that high brightness setting is always good to have as it can be toned down, but if you are going to get a projector that has a low brightness setting, then you won’t be able to boost it. Home users are advised to use their projector in a dark room to enjoy the home cinema experience to the full. BenQ PW9500 DLP Projector is quite popular in brightness department and if you want good results, go for this model.

2. Resolution

Resolution plays a vital role in the quality of the image that is projected and it is always recommended to go for a higher resolution projector if you are getting one for home theatre. You also have an option to go for full HD and Quad HD resolution projectors that offer you crystal clear image quality. When you increase the size of the picture and zoom into some area, then a high resolution projector is going to display it in a lot better way. BenQ PW9500 DLP Projector is amongst one of the best resolutions projectors out there.

3.Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio lets you to manage the size of the viewing by let you decide how you want to render the image or movie. Fixed ratio projectors cannot change the setting and you are limited to see the image or the video in one ratio only. For good viewing experience, always go for a projector that offers you different settings at aspect ratio.

4. Weight

Weight of the project plays a vital role when you want to hand it on the wall. Most of the home theatre projectors are on the wall and you must choose a model that has low weight. BenQ PW9500 DLP Projector comes in a manageable weight and is one of the best projectors that can be used to hang on the wall.

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